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Contemporary chamber music inspired by adventures in the
natural wonders and urban centers of California.

Music for Winds and Piano
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5 Frogs



5 Frogs
(Windependence Chamber Ensemble, Master Level (Grade 4)). For Woodwind Ensemble. Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48018979)

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The Dark Hills


The Dark Hills(Yale Glee Club New Classic Choral Series).  For Choral (SATB). Published by Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48019338)

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Earth Grown Old look inside


Earth Grown Old(CME Conductor's Choice).  For Choral (SATB, Piano). Published by Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48019742)

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Make Music Sweet look inside


Make Music Sweet(CME Conductor's Choice). For Choral (SATB, Piano). Conductor's Choice.  Boosey & Hawkes #M051480005.

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A Universal Dream look inside


A Universal Dream. For SSAA choir, piano, Djembe. Published by Santa Barbara Music Publishing (SB.SBMP-1058)

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Chamber Music
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Goldfish Songs - for solo Flute/Alto Flute+ (2008)
Duration 7:30
These four solo movements look at four different types of fancy goldfish, including Pearlscale, Celestial, Ryukin, and Lionhead. (JB 117)                                 

Duration 10:00
The three movements tell of the symbiotic relationships found in the harsh desert environment, from Joshua trees found in the Mojave Desert and the Yucca moth, to the Ocotillo and the Bee, and the chuckwalla and the rock. (JB125)
*Recorded by Laura Medisky on the CD "Personalities" - Centaur Records (CRC 3163)                                                    
In The City At Night - for solo English Horn* (2008)
Duration 6:15
This solo piece explores the quiet at dusk, the lights blinking on once dark has fallen, and the adventures at night in a city. (JB 116)
*Recorded by Ryan Zwahlen on his CD "In the City at Night"       
Chansons de la Nature pour la Clarinette - for solo Bb clarinet+ (2003/revised 2006)
Duration 10:00
The clarinet sings the 'songs of nature' in these seven short character pieces loosely based on Aesop's fables, from the shimmering stars, to the tortoise and the hare, to the slippery serpent.
(JB 110)              

Starry Night - for solo Bb Clarinet

Duration 8:00
Commissioned by Los Angeles clarinettist Virginia Costa Figueiredo this three-movement work explores the starry skies, the beauty of the night, and dreaming at the sight of stars.
Pleistocene Epoch: The Great Ice Age for solo bass clarinet+ (2009)
Duration 9:00
Composed during the composer's residency with the Vientos Trio in Los Angeles, this piece tells the story of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles and the extinct animals found that roamed the area over 10,000 years ago. Four movements. (JB 121)  



The Dreams of Birds – for alto flute and piano (2011)*
 Duration 7:49
 This piece explores what birds might dream and the journey into their world of flying. (JB 128)
*Recorded by Jenni Olson- alto flute and Bryan Pezzone-piano on the CD "The Dreams of Birds" on the Delos label (2012)
On Holt Avenue - for oboe and piano+ (2006)
Duration 10:00
Four movements (I. Morning Coffee II. The Lemon Tree III. That Mockingbird…
IV. Daisies) about daily life on Holt Avenue in Los Angeles. (JB 113)
The Lemon Lily Waltz - for oboe and piano (2011)
Duration 5 minutes
A simple a beautiful waltz that tells the story of the Lemon Lily that grows in the mountains of Idyllwild, California.
Cumulonimbus: The King of Clouds for clarinet and piano
Duration 11:00
The story of the cumulonimbus cloud - the biggest cloud of all..



The Wildflower Trio - for oboe, bassoon, and piano (2004)*
Duration 18:00
Commissioned to celebrate the life and environmental work of Lady Bird Johnson.
5 movements based on images of nature. (JB 111)  
*Recorded by Rebecca Henderson-oboe, Kristin Wolfe Jensen-bassoon, and Robert Freeman-piano on Rebecca Henderson's CD "Gobo" on Longhorn Music lable (2012)
Jenni's work for Reed Trio tells of finding objects on the beach - from tumbled stones to sea glass; from driftwood to black feathers on the sand and the seashells that populate the beach as far as the eye can see.
The Sequoia Trio for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon+ (2008)
Duration 13 minutes
Composed during the composer's residency with the Vientos Trio in Los Angeles, this six-movement work tells the stories of the giant Sequoia Trees as inspired by the words of John Muir. (JB 119)                           

Spider Suite – for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon (2009)
Duration 13 minutes
Commissioned by the California Association of Professional Music Teachers for the February 2010 State Conference, this piece takes the listener through the life and adventures of a spider.  Five movements about spinning webs, capturing prey, and starting the cycle all over again the next day. (JB 122)      



Sea Quartet for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and piano+ (2009)
Duration 5:30
Commissioned by the L.A. Musical Salon in 2009, this piece captures the beauty of the sea as inspired by the Pacific Ocean and trips to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. (JB 120)          

Duration 22:00
Commissioned by the Central4 Piano Quartet, this work draws inspiration from Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5.  Five Movements.


Five Frogs for woodwind quintet+ (2003)
Duration 15 minutes
This delightful woodwind quintet gives each player the chance to portray part of a frog's daily routine, from swimming to lazing on the lily pad to catching bugs. Five Frogs is light-hearted but challenging and musically rich.
Windependence Chamber Ensemble, Master Level. This edition: M051801954. Boosey & Hawkes Chamber Music. Published by Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48018979).

 Quintet with Narrator


The Woman with the Unfathomable Eyes for narrator, flute, clarinet (Bb and A), violin, cello,  and piano (2010)
Duration 10:30           
 Mystery. Intrigue. Murder…A 1940’s Los Angeles detective and the woman with the unfathomable eyes. It's only a matter of time before he finds out her true motives in this noir-style piece, but will it be too late?(JB 129)




Goldfish Songs for solo flute/alto flute PDF Print E-mail

Goldfish Songs was written at the request of flutist Danielle Hundley, a member of the Cincinnati new music ensemble Conundrum.  She has always loved fancy goldfish (and in fact movement three is named after her Ryukin goldfish Bela) and imagined a work for flute about some of these beautiful fish.

We collaborated on this project to create four short, descriptive movements about a select variety of fancy goldfish, choosing these particular goldfish because of their unique attributes:

Read More:


Three Desert Fables for solo oboe PDF Print E-mail

 The Joshua Tree and the Moth for solo oboe tells the story of the unique relationship between the Joshua trees found in the Mojave Desert and the Yucca moth.  The Joshua tree relies on the moth for pollination, and the moth lays her eggs in the flowers of the Joshua tree where the larvae live off of the yucca seeds.  In fact, one cannot survive without the other, and this relationship is much like a fable, making this a wonderful story to tell as a solo for oboe.

The Joshua tree is dance-like and angular, its branches twisting and gnarled.  In contrast the moth is fluid and lyrical, flying to the highest flowers of the Joshua tree to lay her eggs and to pollinate the white flowers of the tree.  In the final section of the piece the Joshua tree and the moth dance together, relying on each other for their survival in the harshness of the desert.  

This piece was written in collaboration with oboists Ryan Zwahlen of the Definiens Project and Laura Medisky at the University of Wisconsin.

Take a look at the SCORE

Listen to a live recording of Laura Medisky performing the work:

I. The Joshua Tree and the Moth: a desert fable of love and survival

II. The Rock and the Chuckwalla: Basking in the sun...

III. The Ocotillo and the Bee: A desert waltz


In The City At Night for Solo English Horn PDF Print E-mail

In The City At Night was written at the request of Ryan Zwahlen, oboe and English horn player with the Definiens Project...

He was searching for new literature for the English horn and wanted to increase the repertoire by requesting composers to write new pieces for him to perform and record. 

I wanted to write him a piece that uses the lovely, lyrical range of the English horn while at the same time composing something that was also rhythmically fun to play.  In The City At Night focuses on just that; it is at times playful and fast like many lights blinking on just after dusk in the city.  At other times it is quiet and serene like the city streets that are empty at the early hours before dawn.  In creating this world I wanted the listener to be left with thoughts and impressions of a city after dark, and the lone voice of the English horn telling the story of a night adventure on the city streets.

Take a look at the SCORE

Please listen here for an excerpt from In The City At Night performed by Ryan Zwahlen on his CD.


Visit Ryan's website for more details and examples from the CD: http://www.ryanzwahlen.com/

OR to purchase directly:



Chansons de la Nature pour la Clarinette PDF Print E-mail
Chansons de la Nature pour la Clarinette began as an exercise to write for solo clarinet in order to learn more about the instrument and its abilities.  Each little piece represents a story as told by the clarinet’s agile voice. The French titles and basis of the pieces were inspired by the lyrical and pastoral quality of the French language and the images it invokes.  The piece is also inspired by the images presented in Aesop’s fables (and Jean de la Fontain’s retelling of them); in particular, the movement “Le Lapin et La Tortue” tells of the slow tortoise beating the fast hare with his patience and determination.  Both creatures are represented in this movement, from the plodding of the tortoise to the quick movements of the hare.

The other movements also represent a variety of characters and situations from these famous fables.  “Le Poisson” darts, “Le Papillon” flutters and floats, “L’etoile” shimmers in the night sky, nature ‘dances’, and ‘Le Serpent’ is slippery and quick.    Each movement is short, but just long enough to evoke a story and create a ‘song of nature’ for the clarinet.

These examples are performed by Nobuko Igarashi of the Luna Nova New Music Ensemble from a concert in Memphis, TN in October 2008.

II. Le Poisson - mp3 (791K)
III. Le Papillon - mp3 (1513k)
V. L'étoile - mp3 (2152k)
VII. Le Serpent - mp3 (668k)

Read a review from the Society of Composers National Conference at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2004 by Guy Vollen :


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